Saturday, 5 January 2013

Iain Duncan-Smith: Silence Isn't Quiet Enough For 'The Quiet Man.

Iain Duncan-Smith famously announced that "the quiet man of politics is turning up the volume"

Its such a shame then, that since being handed the megaphone of ministerial high office, the only sound we have heard fron thus self-styled "champion of welfare reform" is the white noise of governmental lies.

For the second time in just a few days, the lies and ideological axe-grinding of the Work & Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith (IDS) and his staff have been laid bare by the most basic level of scrutiny.    

Channel 4's Fact Check Blog, written by Cathy Newman, first identified Duncan-Smith's spinning of benefit statistics by exposing as false, his claim that tax credit payments had increased by 58% during the last Labour government, when the ACTUAL rise for the period concerned was 8%.    

Jump forward a day or two , and Duncan-Smith was at it again, this time claiming that working age benefits have risen faster than wages in a clear attempt to drive a wedge between those in work and those in need.    

Yet Cathy Newman's blog once again exposed the folly of IDS and his flunkies within the DWP by pointing out that the figures quoted do not cover a long enough time frame to provide a fair analysis, and do not take into account the effect of the recession on the private sector, or the consequential effect of recession in the private sector in terms of more people having to claim the very "working age benefits" so clearly despised by the Tories.    

What makes the comments of the Work & Pensions Secretary even more unpalatable, aside from them being anathema to the values of fairness and justice, is the sheer hypocrisy.

In opposition, Duncan-Smith was one of the most vociferous critics of the New Labour obsession with spin and press manipulation through statistics, yet when holding high office, he and his staff seem to be amongst the worst offenders when it comes to purposely misleading the electorate to suit an ideologically dogmatic end.

People may dismiss the above as uninteresting political manoeuvring, but Duncan-Smith needs to stop bastardising the working class, take command of the state sponsored shambles that has infected every  echelon of his department, stop chasing gutter press headlines and start administering a benefits system that helps the working poor, and the jobless live a better life by providing them with guidance and opportunity for self-improvement, rather than punishing them for struggling against unfortunate circumstance.

IDS may well have turned up the volume.

If I'd have known that he would be topping up his already considerable wealth with a six-figure public salary earned by spouting quite so many spiteful, inaccurate and divisive announcements, I feel certain that I would not be the only one scrambling for the mute button.

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