Friday, 11 January 2013

Greed Is Not Good Enough! Please write to your MP! Tell them that a 32% increase in pay is PURE GREED! (Feel free to copy, adapt and use this only takes a minute to have your say!)

Recently, MPs were polled anonymously on the issue of their pay.

The average MP believes they should receive a pay rise of 32%!!

...all whilst nurses, teachers, and other vital, low paid staff face pay freezes and job cuts, and pivotal local services are forced to close in the name of an idiotic austerity.

Below is a letter I have sent to my local MP Karl Turner.

In it, I call on him and his Labour colleagues to show principle and leadership by refusing ANY pay increase which is over that which is to be afforded workers in the public sector.

Feel free to copy, adapt and use the letter as a template to contact YOUR MP.

You can do it online. It only takes a few minutes by clicking here:

It's YOUR duty as an elector to tell your MP that greed is not good enough!

Dear Karl Turner,

I write with regard to the recent anonymous poll of yourself and your
colleagues on the issue of MPs remuneration.

Firstly, I must assert my belief in, and appreciation of good campaigning MPs, our parliamentary system, and the excellent work
carried out by parliamentary office staff in support of members and
constituents alike.

Your work assisting Hull Kingston Rovers with stadium improvements,
and the assistance afforded to me by the office staff of Hull West &
Hessle MP Alan Johnson whilst representing a benefit claimant in an
Employment Support Allowance appeal are two such examples.

However, I feel that I must make explicit to you just how unacceptable
it would be for MPs to accept a pay rise that, at current rates, would
take hard pressed and demonised public sector workers until 2045 to
equal in terms of percentages!

In Hull we now have 55 job seekers chasing each vacancy, ballooning
poverty thanks to the coalition's cuts, and wages amongst the very
lowest in the UK.

Meanwhile, this government of feckless millionaires are forcing
themselves and the political process further from the weakening grasp
of ordinary working people and the vulnerable.

If MPs were to accept such an excessive pay increase in the current
economic climate, there would be fury in the streets if East Hull,  and
indeed mist constituencies across the UK!

A great many of your stable mates spend their time touring media
outlets condemning unionised workers for taking action to improve their
pay, force safety improvement, or make firms stick to their contractual
word, and demonising the working poor and vulnerable by virtue of their
receipt of benefits.

Infuriatingly, Labour MPs seem to be ever more eager to join in with
this unedifying pass time!

MPs MUST be seen to be subject to the same economic pressures and pay
restraint that you advocate for the electorate you are paid to
represent, and as a Labour party member, I cannot overstate the need
for leadership from party MPs on this.

Whilst I appreciate that MPs remuneration is handled by IPSA now, it is still down to the members of the house to accept whatever rise is

By all accounts, the results of the poll on pay indicated that the
Tories wanted the biggest increase, despite their being the most
generally affluent. The perception of ALL MPs is increasingly one of a
group of individuals who have no connection with ordinary people, and
care not for their struggles.

As a constituent and party member, I call on you, and your party
colleagues to set the parliamentary standard by refusing ANY pay award
in excess of the constraints currently in place within the public

The major representative trade unions within that sector are major
sources of finance for Labour Party campaigns and activities,  and I am
certain that they would view the prospect of such excessive increases
to MPs pay with the same outrage and derision as I, given that
organised workers are so regularly lectured by those same elected
members who teeter precariously on the edge of such an economically
hypocritical act.

I have copied this letter to Ed Miliband MP, and I await your response
with interest.

With very best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

Karl Davis

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