Thursday, 13 December 2012

Write to YOUR local Councillors, MPs & MEPs; Firms who blacklist workers should NOT receive Public Contracts!

Recently, evidence came to light that the biggest construction companies were blacklisting union activists to stop them working in the industry by financially subsidising the shady 'Consulting Association' which maintained illegal records of union officials, activists, and others, and which was run by Ian Kerr.

Rather than stamp on these practices, like any fair minded leader should, David Cameron has instead refused to launch an inquiry into the practices of Kerr and the Consulting Association, the activities of which have ruined careers, lives, families, and driven victims to suicide.

I can only speculate as to which of Davis Cameron's personal beliefs about working people has motivated him to turn a blind eye to the repeated and severe breaching of the human rights of working people..either way, those who represent us, at both local and parliamentary level need to be made aware that their electors demand action

It surely cannot be right that these companies (listed below) should be allowed to benefit commercially from undertaking public work, whilst they deny the rights of working people?

Here is the letter I have sent to my ward councillors on Hull Ciy Council with regard to union blacklisting. I did it via http:www.Write

It took only a few minutes. Please copy and paste the letter, update the details to reflect your locality, and CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK to send it to your Councillors, MPs and MEPs too!


•Cllr Sheila Waudby

•Cllr Rosemary Pantelakis

•Cllr Sean Chaytor

Marfleet Ward

FAO; Cllrs Rosemary Pantelakis, Sheila Waudby, and Sean Chaytor.

I am contacting you regarding the issue of union blacklisting that has been going on within the construction industry.

The recent report by the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) has recently identified the existence of a 'blacklist' of workers which was routinely accessed by at least 44 construction companies, in a bid to prevent union activists, and those concerned about Health & Safety at Work from finding paid employment.

This has resulted in many honest, hard working union members being denied the ability to provide for their children and families, and has caused them in some cases to lose homes, relationships, careers, and in some extreme instances, be driven to suicide.

The OIC press release included a list of over 40 construction companies who were current or previous users of TCA. These sre listed below;

- AMEC (Amec Building Ltd,

- Amec Construction Ltd,

- Amec Facilities Ltd, Amec Ind Div, Amec Process & Energy - Ltd),

- Amey Construction – Ex Member,

- B Sunley & Sons – Ex Member,

- Balfour Beatty,

- Balfour Kilpatrick,

- Ballast (Wiltshire) PLC – Ex Member,

- BAM Construction (HBC Construction), BAM Nuttall (Edmund Nutall Ltd),

- C B & I,,/p>

- Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd,

- Costain UK Ltd

- Crown House Technologies (Carillion/Tarmac Const),

- Dudley Bower & Co Ltd – Ex Member,

- Emcor (Drake & Scull) - ‘Ex Ref’, Emcor Rail,

- G Wimpey Ltd – Ex Member,

- Haden Young,

- Kier Ltd,

- John Mowlem Ltd - Ex Member,

- Laing O'Rourke (Laing Ltd),

- Lovell Construction (UK) Ltd – Ex Member,

- Miller Construction Limited – Ex Member,

- Morgan Ashurst, Morgan Est

- Morrison Construction Group - Ex Member,

- N G Bailey,

- Shepherd Engineering Services,

- Siac Building Services,

- Sir Robert McAlpine,

- Skanska (Kaverna/Trafalgar House Plc),

- SPIE (Matthew Hall) - Ex Member,

- Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd – Ex Member,

- Turriff Construction Ltd – Ex Member,

- Tysons Contractors – Ex Member,

- Walter Llewellyn & Sons Ltd - Ex Member,

- Whessoe Oil & Gas Willmott Dixon – Ex Member,

- Vinci PLC (Norwest Holst Group)

I believe that the callous, and illegal disregard shown by these companies for the human and working rights of ordinary people (the kind of which make up the vast majority of the electorate who voted you into office) render these companies, and their subsidiaries unworthy of benefiting from council contracts.

The coalition government have dismissed out of hand, any suggestion that this shameful proactice should be subject to official inquiry. A perspective of worker's rights, which is depressingly predictable, I'm sure you'll agree.

As a Labour party member, I cherish dearly, the right to protect myself from unsafe work practices, and to enjoy freely, the protection of a democratic trade union.

As Labour councillors, I assume that you share my firm beliefs around the importance of protecting the rights of working people, and the ability of all to access safe, fairly paid employment, regardless of their allegiance to any union, or political ideology.

I therefore ask that you make representations within the council chamber with a view to the elected members of Hull City Council resolving to bar these companies from tendering for any and all contracts put out by Hull City Council.

I am not a construction worker myself, but I recognise in this issue, the human cost of such brazenly 'anti-union' activities, and I would respectfully assert, that the commercial organisations a council or other public body does business with, says alot about the morals and the views of those elected members who represent us within it.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving your reply with regard to this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Karl Davis

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