Wednesday, 19 December 2012

David Cameron: Has he embraced hypocrisy, or FINALLY Seen the error of his flagship policy?

So, last night, David Cameron gave the Tory's very own bloodhound gang, (the crusty and archaic 1922 Committee to us mere mortals) the Christmas present they have been praying for for years, when he promised, amongst other things, to fight the 2015 General Election on a 'Eurosceptic Platform'

By all accounts, Cameron's latest episode of opportunism has been hungrily accepted by the committee's patrons, and I'm sure that the Daily Mail reading minions of leafy true blue counties,not to mention Lord Ashcroft et al, will do box steps of sheer delight at Cameron finally admitting what we already know;

① David Cameron is an ideological chameleon - He wilI adopt whatever colour or appearance necessary to facilitate survival (NB: Do not confuse this with a loyalty to the party cause)

② Despite his best efforts, Cameron cannot escape the simple fact that his party can no more survive on a diet of progressive engagement with the EU, our largest trading partners and the largest trading bloc on the planet, than the left of the Labour party could on a diet ot devotion to the teachings of Thatcher.

Apart from witnessing Cameron shoving his increasingly desperate and angry party further to the right, we also learned that Cameron is to appoint paid campaigners in the 40 marginal seats that the Tories must win if they are to achieve a parliamentary majority.

For the record, most of those seats are currently held by Liberal Democrat MPs!

(Long live the spirit of the coalition, eh?)

What particularly resonates with me on this specific issue is the irony of the Tory policy here.

Cameron assumed office on the back of his  much maligned, and frankly ridiculous 'Big Society' campaign, funded for the most part by multi-millionaire Lord Ashcroft incidentally, where many vital roles in Social & Community Care were forced upon the voluntary sector, as funding for the public sector was foolishly hacked to the bone.

Yet now, we see the party opting to PAY those tasked with taking the Tory message into the very communities at which they swing their ideological axe!

(Another campaign no doubt funded by Lord Ashcroft)

Surely, if is good enough for the homeless to be cared for, the elderly fed and the streets policed by those giving their time for free, it is good enough for those hand delivering the propaganda of a feckless government to do so voluntarily?

Is Cameron and his government of privilege sending the message to us plebs that volunteers are not enough to guarantee success?

Is it now Conservative policy that only those motivated by a wage can get results?

Or is it the more likely case, that the Big Society is still the Tories favourite policy pantomime?

At the expense of appearing to prejudge Tory perspective on this, l personally plump firmIy for the latter, along with an expectation that whichever policy is foisted upon us, it won't apply to the likes of Lord Ashcroft, or his fellow Tory bankrollers....

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