Saturday, 17 March 2012

Full Text Of My Complaint To The BBC - Re; Failure Of BBC To Adequately Cover NHS March.

Complaint Summary: Lack of coverage of Save our NHS March by BBC News

I feel compelled to complain about the almost total lack of coverage of the Save Our NHS March today. Today we had legions of concerned and outraged marching through the capital in defence of our health service, a crowd that included women, children and the infirm.

The police, with the approval of government, responded to this lawful protest by posting Police Officers armed with machine guns on the streets! Yet this is not reported by the BBC!

To say I'm disgusted by your seeming indifference to this would be an epic understatement. I expect variable levels of integrity from commercial news outlets, but the BBC has a responsibility to lead by example and make sure that disturbing and reprehensible acts of operational excess such as this are reported. I feel this is an aspect of a wider agenda that seems to be infiltrating the BBC News and current affairs programming, whereby news which is contrary to the government view is barely examined and vastly under reported, and advocates of left wing opinion seem maligned as a matter of course.

Even Question Time is seemingly stacked against government opposition, with left wing commentators other than senior Labour ministers apparently considered unsuitable panellists.

Your news programmes are fast losing their air of impartiality thanks to your ongoing refusal to report on anti-government protest and opinion, and Question Time is fast losing its appeal and its relevance because it relies on coalition bias and a pool of panellists that is fast becoming predictable and too small, both in terms of numbers and opinion.

As a passionate advocate of the values of the BBC, and public sector broadcasting, I urge you to correct these worrying regressions as a matter of urgency.

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