Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ramblings From The Night Shift; A Poem

It is truly amazing what the human mind can produce when under the effects of sleep deprivation! Hope y'all appreciate it!

The sky is full of darkness
Waiting for the dawn,
With everything she brokers
The sunrise and the yawn,
The driver he is staring
Into another place,
Praying for the clock to spin
But ‘steady’ wins the race,

On board there is a peaceful air
The calm before the storm,
When chaos rules as on they step
From life of every form,
Their faces pressed against the glass
And shoulder bags so chic,
They scan and curse, they strive to win
The race to grab that seat,

The brakes they squeal and motors whine
The driver takes the power,
St Pancras, on to Blackfriars
Within the golden hour,
The rustling of the morning read
The metro on the chair,
The office girl has had her fill
Of news of that affair

The sunlight spreads across the Thames
They squintingly admire,
The silhouettes and office blocks
St Paul’s resplendent spire,
Off the train they briskly step
In kitten heels and brogues,
Ready to run the gauntlet of
The beggars and the rogues,

The business folk have been and gone
Replaced with prams and buggies,
The shirts and ties and pencil skirts
With sandals shorts and trackies,
From Luton on to distant lands
From Gatwick others fly,
To Brighton some will take their day
A beach on which to lie

The driver breathes a weary sigh
Then pours himself a brew,
It may well be his break time
But there’s so much more to do,
Brighton to St Albans
Then Blackfriars once again,
To Wimbledon, the Sutton loop
And Luton town for ten,

The final trip is Bedford bound
The last one of the day,
He’s climbs on board with time to spare
And smoothly pulls away,
Leagrave, Harlington, Flitwick too
Right to time he’ll keep,
Then Bedford where the day is done
He’s off to get some sleep!

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