Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Proud To Be An (Ex) Liberal!!

So then folks, here I am again.

Rather like your good mate who disappears at the slightest sniff of fresh action, I present myself to your virtual doorstep holding nothing but an apologetic smile and some fast wilting service station flowers in the form of a long overdue fresh blog post.

I cannot deny that I have left it far too long. I'm hoping that I haven't burned bridges, because we truly did have a good thing going before I went all cold and stopped taking your facebook calls..

Previous posts were mainly concentrated with the Liberal Democrats and their entering into coalition with the tories.

I originally clung to the hope that they could moderate the thirst of the conservatives to hack, hack and hack again at the very fabric of our public services, and indeed our society.

I was very quickly proven to be disappointed in that hope, with the tories mounting a huge assault on the welfare state, the civil service, the emergency services, the pensions of our brave armed forces, among the many others who keep this nation functioning.

The Liberals then performed what can only be described as a complete u-turn on the meat and gravy of their campaign in the election, derelicting their promises to the many thousands of students who threw their wait behind the Lib Dems in the belief that they were getting their voices heard.

In the meantime, my Liberal Democrat membership has been well and truly terminated.

The very thought that I supported and advocated the rise of Nick Clegg makes me feel queasy. If ever there was a bigger opportunist, apart from Thatcher, Bus and Blair, I have not heard of them. There is now seemingly to be a concerted campaign to unseat Clegg, come the next election. I certainly hope the campaign works, because somebody who holds the democratic mandate of parliament in such disdain does not deserve the gold plated, index linked pension that he will enjoy for life, long after he has torpedoed the much less lucrative public sector pensions of those much more deserving than he could ever be.

I cannot condone the attacks by the coalition upon the poorest regions and the most vulnerable people within society by a government that is driven by an ideological zeal to punish the 'lower classes'

We have a government that is trying to push millions of people into a job market that is starved of worthwhile positions, and a Liberal party that is obediently laying on its back whilst our millionaire Prime Minister (Call me) Dave tickles its tummy with the promise of ministerial non jobs and shiny Jaguars.

Many of the tory MPs who whooped and hollered the cuts to the welfare state, and to the very real help and guidance given by so many community organisations and projects entered politics to wield these very ideological axes upon the welfare state, and upon working class and disabled people whom they perceive to be beneath them.

The 20 or so multi millionaires who are in the cabinet are deviod of real world experience. They do not know what it is like to struggle in the job market.
They do not understand. They do not care.

Meanwhile we have an opposition that is allowing the ConDems to heap blame for everything upon the previous government without viable reposte.

Labour got many many things wrong. They disenfranchised alot of people (including me) to the point where many questioned what exactly it is that Labour stand for.

With new imput comes new hope, and we can only hope that Ed Miliband steps up to the plate and provides a robust opposition to the attack of the killer spivs that is currently occurring.

Opposition for opposition sake will not do. There is no place here for cheap, sixth form style politics. The very future of our society depends upon Labour's ability to reach out, enthuse, mobilise, and above all put forward a viable alternative to the deep, fast and ideological cuts that the tories and liberals are trying to assault this great nation with.

It is a brave and scary new world that greets us, progressives, politicos, observers, activists and trade unionists included.

Labour, rather like the trade unions will not win this battle if they retreat into the 1970s.

New thinking, new ideas, and fresh approaches are needed if working men and women are to be properly protected.

We cannot do something purely because we have always done it, or do it in a particular way out of a subservience to history and past glories.

As a member of ASLEF I find it incredibly frustrating to see the same old boys network protecting the status quo at all costs, doing the same old things for the same old reasons, regardless of whether it works or not. It is, I imagine, the same in other unions.

I think it sums it up when I say to union leaders and Labour-ites..

'A little less ego-mania, a little more action please'

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