Sunday, 10 January 2010

Labour's Winter Grows Even Colder..

Well well well...

Another day dawns, and the reigning forces are ones of chaos, many routes seemingly at an impasse, plunging temperatures, panic, self serving, and a deep seated loss of all rationality..

Meanwhile, away from the Labour Party leadership, the nation wakes to find itself once more in the grip of the 'big freeze'

Peter Watt, the party's former General Secretary, has been quoted as labelling Gordon Brown as "Lacking emotional intelligence" and of "Reducing Number 10 to a shambles"

Regardless of whether these comments turn out to be true or not, I cannot help but watch open mouthed as the Labour party pitches and yaws into what looks like a terminal dive, falling from the stellar heights of its historic thrid term, ripping itself dramatically apart as it hurtles towards the empty desert plains of electoral oblivion..

I honestly cannot believe that Peter Watt, or for that matter, any Labour Party General Secretary, would think it even remotely a good idea to publish such damaging comments about a Labour Prime Minister so close to an election, especially when the Prime Minister in question is already throwing himself on the mercy of gathered spectators, much like a defeated gladiator in roman times, even if he himself does not realise it.

The longer this goes on, the higher the chance that the signal will come to deliver the long overdue kill shot.

But which of Browns's cabinet members are eyeing up the emperor's robes?

Which of them is positioning themselves to give the 'thumbs down' signal that will end Brown's suffering?

I suppose that one question that hangs over this whole sorry situation is who would the press have reported as having phones installed in their offices in order to orchestrate this seemingly endless, and perpetratorless bloody coup, had we not have had the advent of the mobile phone?

(Any would be challenger to GB needs to learn the lessons of Michael Portillo)

The stark truth is, that any move to unseat a political leader this close to election time is nothing short of insanity.

Labour are a political party that are tired, cynical, navel gazing, and as remote to the needs of the people as the royal family.

Of course, there are many good people within the organisation, but the party as a whole is simply running out of steam, direction, discipline, and ideas..

They are no longer in the business of representing the needs of the working people of this great country, they are in the business of retaining power..Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman et al have all proved that emphatically over recent times, and when that happens to any political party, it has to be somewhat of a watershed, in political terms..

How on earth can anybody take the government seriously if they can't even keep their swords sheathed for longer than a few days..?

It is not the vulnerability of Gordon Brown that bothers me, it is the fact that either the party has a predeliction for employing imbeciles, or that they have a predeliction for employing secret tories!!!

What was Peter Watt thinking????

If you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, all I can say is that Peter Watt must be staying in Gordon's spare room!!!!

Still, this latest episode of self destruction and posturing for the poison chalice that will, at this rate, be the post of Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, has shed light on the fact that Labour cannot be taken seriously, because they do not take the job of governing the country, and changing it for the better, seriously anymore.

If Labour were to be truly serious about continuing the fight for change within the UK, they would bring an end to this constant stream of centralisation of just about every facet of civic management.

They would grow back the spine that their predecessors had, and action real and true change in the House of Commons..they would step back from the brink of a seemingly endless tide of political correctness that has been force fed to the people of this country to the extent that many people are afraid to engage in even everyday conversation for fear of 'offending' somebody who isn't even there..

They would bring an end to the hereditary house of lords, and replace it with a 'senate' style upper chamber, fully elected, fully accountable, and able to complete a full session without falling asleep!!

They would tighten the border controls, and give the UK Border Agency the power of arrest. They would enable the UKBA to actually go out and detain peole staying here illegally, and return them to their country of origin much more promptly, at a far lesser cost to the tax payer..

They would stand by their soundbite commitment to railways and public transport by committing to re-open closed lines and further expand the High Speed network, linking London with the north and scotland within reasonable journey times that could rival the performance of domestic air travel, they would help the environment further by promoting the shift of freight to rail, removing thousands of unnecessary lorry miles from our congested road network every year, and they would commit to getting our great nation moving once more..

They would make bus companies more accountable to local people, especially in the setting of fares, and work with operators in order to improve rural services, and therefore lessen people's dependency on the car..

They would end the preferential treatment of the aviation industry in terms of emission targets, and they would reverse the idiotic decision to expand Heathrow still further, as well as firmly and decisively ruling out Boris Johnson's pipedream that is a new airport on the thames estuary. as well as committing not to expand Gatwick & Standstead and other South East airports too..

They would cut the ID cards system, freeing up funding for around 10,000 extra police officers, and they would commit to reducing crime, rather than playing to the gallery of a hostile media..they would refrain from further expanding the near 4000 new criminal offences that have been statutised since 1997...

They would end the centrist approach to education..nanny does not always know best..(especially when she's plotting to have Head Teacher Brown expelled!)

They would allow local people to hold a stake in the control of local health services, and they would allow Doctors, Nurses and allid professionals the power to control the healthcare that changes, improves, and ultimately extends our lives...

The list goes on and on, but when it comes down to it, Labour won't do that..

If they did, they'd be Liberal Democrats....

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