Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Perils Of A Snow Day...and Blogging

I seriously cannot believe that it is early evening already..

I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning full of vim and vigour, (which makes a change from phlegm and aching joints) and I had serious plans for today..

The clutter in the spare room was going to be sorted out, the carpets were going to be hoovered, the kitchen sorted, I was going to write some more of my book, and the dog was going to be walked until he qualified for incapacity benefit...

Instead, it is now 2030 and I have managed to make the bed, cook myself a bacon sandwich, feed the dog, load the dishwasher and have a bath (..and don't get me started on the two and a half men re-runs..I am sweating just thinking about it..)

I have discovered that I am the sufferer of a complicated and pronounced medical condition..It is called snowitis...

Here in the UK it's been snowing pretty much constantly for the last few days, and everything is cloaked in a blanket of white.

It is indeed beautiful, but at the same time, it is guilty of sucking from me all of my drive and motivation..(it probably used it as some form of bleaching agent to stop itself turning brown and slushy)

As a result, the kitchen is a mess, my book is still no further on than it was a week ago, the carpet is nowhere near as cream looking as it should be, the dog has taken to doing circuits of the landing and stairs, and the spare room still looks like an overflow locker from the local postal sorting depot..

What makes it worse, is that my wife has been visiting family this weekend, and is back in an hour and a half!!

I do wonder whether anyone in the medical profession has conducted any form of research on this phenomenon. Personally, I would be more than happy to submit myself for any testing which may be required (..anything for a fiver and a biscuit)

Mind you, despite all of the lethargy that has soaked itself into my very being and stained my snow weary bones over the course of this 'cold snap' I have still found time in my day to update the blog..

Bearing this in mind, maybe I have misdiagnosed myself..

Maybe I am not suffering from Snowitis at all..maybe I am suffering from Blogitis..

Either way, the offer to submit myself for medical testing still stands (..for the commensurate fee, of course!)

All of this contemplation though, is throwing out more questions than its processes manage to provide answers for..

Maybe the creative effort required to keep blogging is draining the energy from my body, and from the other areas of my life, thus reducing this normally dynamic man to a poor imitation of the domestic habits of your average student...

Then again, maybe I should quit mulling over this point, get off my demotivated bottom, and start cleaning the kitchen..

Then again..maybe I'm just lazy...

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