Saturday, 9 January 2010

Panic Buying - Have they all gone mad??

Well, I have just returned from a fruitless visit to the local shop...

Upon walking in, I was struck by the scene with which I was greeted. Naked shelves, spent packaging strewn across the floor, no foodstuffs left of any sort other than pickled onions...and prunes..

But what is it that makes people react to the slightest problem or abnormality in weather by stuffing their cars full of perishable food until they can't shut the boot?

The shopkeeper told me that she had taken a delivery in this morning, and within 90 minutes, it was all gone!

One woman apparently bought 15 loaves of bread, a dozen bags of sugar, 34 bottles of milk, and a bag for life..

(I may have made up the bit about the bag for life, come to think about it...)

Obviously I am exaggerating, but it strikes me as ludicrous, that someone's reaction to a cold snap is to go and buy a month's supply of soya milk and 46 crunch corners.

Surely the money would be better spent on things like blankets and winter socks..or anti freeze for your car...

All I wanted was ONE bag of carrots and some dog food. Alas, these commodities too fell foul of the mad rush to stave off extinction.

So as well as wondering what exactly one can do with a mammoth supply of fresh carrots during a cold snap that you can't do when the diesel in your car doesn't have lumps of atlantic ice in it, I wonder how people lose all sense of proportion and rationality in the face of what is, effectively, a cold snap, a meteorological anomaly?

Surely there comes a point in someone's cognitive processes whereby they look down at the goods they have placed in their trolley, and they realise that, unless they have a freezer that is as big as Northamptonshire, there really is no point in buying those 3 dozen loaves of bread, or indeed the 37 litres of semi skimmed milk..

I'll let you into a'll go off before you ever get near to using it!!

I do not understand what goes on in the mind of the panic buyer. But for those panic buyers out there who maybe reading this, I'll do you a deal..

Next time I go into the local shop to buy the food that I need, I'll leave enough bread, milk, cheese, yogurt, dog food and other supplies so that you and your family can stock up too..I'll even leave some common sense next to the digestives so that you can pick it up on your way in.

In return, whenever it is that you plan to go in and hijack the food delivery, just make sure you leave enough for me, and the rest of the civilised world who have managed to keep our heads, when shoppers all around us seem to have lost theirs...

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