Monday, 14 January 2013

Misers But Not Scrooges; People Are Dying At Work, But This Government Makes It Easier For Bad Bosses To Get Away With Murder.

You can call this government many things; Idiotic, incompetent, miserly.

I often call them much worse, but for now will stick with 'diametrically opposed to the working rights of You and l'  

The coalition, via its erstwhile Business Secretary Vince Cable has, for reasons aimed undoubtedly at 'flying below the radar' attempted to sneak in some last minute amendments to the Enterprise Bill.  

The changes that Dr Cable silently bolted onto this 'bosses charter' centre on Section 47 of the bill. What they mean is that it is going to become massively harder, more complex, and significantly more expensive for you, l, and the majority of other workers to successfully sue an employer for compensation in the event of industrial injury.  

lf the new proposals ascend to the statute, any worker taking legal action against an employer will have to prove to the court that there was direct negligence on the part of their bosses.   Being in breach of the law will no longer be sufficient on it's own for a company or employer to be compelled to compensate an injured member of staff.  

Of course, the propaganda machine down at Coalition HQ will dress this in the jaded horse blanket that is the Governmental efficiency drive, and the massed media will enthusiastically spread the lie in an attempt to smear unions, activists and those who see beyond the distorted headlines and slanted press releases as 'vested interests' trying to fight reform, but when the truth is told, the Coalition have form on this.  

Since coming into office, the government have hungrily torn at the already restrictive worker protections on the statute book.

In just over two years, they have;  

* PRICED ordinary workers out of the tribunal system by raising fees drastically.  

* SLASHED the maximum amount of compensation workers can receive if dismissed unfairly.  

* EXEMPTED certain occupations from eligibility for applying to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in the event of certain industrial incidents, injuries and trauma.  

* DOUBLED the qualifying period for applications to HM Courts & Tribunal Service following unfair or constructive dismissal.  

This list is depressing, but is not exhaustive, and is of course, set against a cancerous backdrop of Dickensian benefit bashing and criminal destruction of the NHS.  

These reforms have been bulldozed through on a tidal wave of deficit reduction. The Tories, gutlessly enabled by the LiberaI Democrats, spuriously claim that the changes I have outlined are essential for economic recovery.  

Not ONE SINGLE PENNY of the deficit has been paid back by preventing vulnerable employees from holding aggressive and sub-standard bosses to account.  

Not ONE SINGLE JOB has been created by denying justice to ordinary Working men and women.  

These changes to Health & Safety at Work law are as historic as they are unfair.  

The new law would remove the automatic redress provided by law that has been in force since the reign of Queen Victoria. All this will do is send the message to unscrupulous bosses that it is ok to jettison the Health & Safety of their employees because the government have jettisoned the scant laws that might just have made some think twice.  

The fact is that people are DYING at work under the current regime!  

* Mark Wright was killed after being engulfed in flames at Deeside Scrap Metal Yard near Chester in 2005.  

He was told to crush a pile of aerosol cans that hadn't been emptied by cleaning firm Jeyes. They were fined £330,000. His employers were fined £100,000.  

The manager at the site, Rob Roberts, Was fined just £10,000, despite stating he didn't bother with risk assessments because most of his staff were illiterate anyway!  

Mark's mother Dorothy, is a founder member of FACK (Families Against Corporate Killing) They campaign for harsher penalties in cases like Mark's and greater protections for workers.  

You can check out the FACK website by clicking here.  

* Shaughan Walsh, Tony Laughton and David Jowett were crushed to death whilst on a coffee break when a retaining wall collapsed due to high winds, causing the derelict warehouse they were working on to cave in on itself in Hull in April 2000.  

The CPS decided that there was 'insufficient' evidence to prosecute the owner of the building, Murli Thandani, despite a number of the staff on the site testifying that he failed to keep proper records, and sent labourers onto the 3rd & 4th floors despite being warned by Building inspectors that the upper floors of the building were unsafe.  

One worker told investigators how the building shook whenever large vehicles passed, and how Thandani responded to the warnings issued by building inspectors by sending his workers straight back to the upper floors of the warehouse, and posting lookouts on the approaching roads to the site to detect any returning inspectors!  

l personally witnessed Murli Thandani FALL ASLEEP in court as the particulars of the case were discussed!  
Thandani was eventually fined only £99,000 for causing the deaths of 3 men.  

* On April 24th 1998, 24 year old Simon Jones was killed in an horrific incident on his 1st day working for an agency unloading ships at Euromin's terminal docks in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex.  

Simon was in the hold of a cargo ship when he was decapitated by the mechanised jaws of a crane.

He had not received adequate briefing or training, and was grossly inexperienced. 

The crane operator didn't speak English, and the Banksman responsible for directing the Crane Operator, and the Supervisor were unable to verbally communicate with each other due to the language barrier.

Once again, the CPS declined to prosecute anybody over Simon's death. His family were nothing short of valiant in maintaining their campaign for justice.The Euromin terminal was picketed, and the agency Simon worked for occupied.  

Simon Jones' family made legal history by being the first people to successfully apply for a judicial review into a decision by the CPS not to prosecute for corporate manslaughter.  

Despite this, and despite picketing of the CPS Headquarters, nobody was found guilty of being responsible for Simon's death.  

You can read the full story of the campaign for justice for Simon Jones by clicking here.

The only people to face legal sanction were Simon's parents for obstructing the offices of the employment agency, and some protestors picketing the Euromin port who were arrested under the anti-trade union laws!  

These 3 examples illustrate the raw tragedy of death at work , as well as underlining how hard it is ALREADY to hold unsafe bosses to account.  

What we need, are TOUGHER laws without the infinite loopholes that are brazenly used by companies to escape their duty to those who generate profit.

UnfortunateIy, this government of clueless rich kids, and spineless enablers do not see OUR safety at work as important.  

History is the screaming lessons of past mistakes at the Coalition but they choose to play deaf.  

They are too busy playing to the gallery of the Daily Mail, and currying favour with tax dodging millionaire moguls to care.  

I started this piece by talking about what we CAN call this government;  

One thing we CAN'T call them is Scrooge.

After all, even he listened and learned from the ghosts of the past.    

Friday, 11 January 2013

Greed Is Not Good Enough! Please write to your MP! Tell them that a 32% increase in pay is PURE GREED! (Feel free to copy, adapt and use this only takes a minute to have your say!)

Recently, MPs were polled anonymously on the issue of their pay.

The average MP believes they should receive a pay rise of 32%!!

...all whilst nurses, teachers, and other vital, low paid staff face pay freezes and job cuts, and pivotal local services are forced to close in the name of an idiotic austerity.

Below is a letter I have sent to my local MP Karl Turner.

In it, I call on him and his Labour colleagues to show principle and leadership by refusing ANY pay increase which is over that which is to be afforded workers in the public sector.

Feel free to copy, adapt and use the letter as a template to contact YOUR MP.

You can do it online. It only takes a few minutes by clicking here:

It's YOUR duty as an elector to tell your MP that greed is not good enough!

Dear Karl Turner,

I write with regard to the recent anonymous poll of yourself and your
colleagues on the issue of MPs remuneration.

Firstly, I must assert my belief in, and appreciation of good campaigning MPs, our parliamentary system, and the excellent work
carried out by parliamentary office staff in support of members and
constituents alike.

Your work assisting Hull Kingston Rovers with stadium improvements,
and the assistance afforded to me by the office staff of Hull West &
Hessle MP Alan Johnson whilst representing a benefit claimant in an
Employment Support Allowance appeal are two such examples.

However, I feel that I must make explicit to you just how unacceptable
it would be for MPs to accept a pay rise that, at current rates, would
take hard pressed and demonised public sector workers until 2045 to
equal in terms of percentages!

In Hull we now have 55 job seekers chasing each vacancy, ballooning
poverty thanks to the coalition's cuts, and wages amongst the very
lowest in the UK.

Meanwhile, this government of feckless millionaires are forcing
themselves and the political process further from the weakening grasp
of ordinary working people and the vulnerable.

If MPs were to accept such an excessive pay increase in the current
economic climate, there would be fury in the streets if East Hull,  and
indeed mist constituencies across the UK!

A great many of your stable mates spend their time touring media
outlets condemning unionised workers for taking action to improve their
pay, force safety improvement, or make firms stick to their contractual
word, and demonising the working poor and vulnerable by virtue of their
receipt of benefits.

Infuriatingly, Labour MPs seem to be ever more eager to join in with
this unedifying pass time!

MPs MUST be seen to be subject to the same economic pressures and pay
restraint that you advocate for the electorate you are paid to
represent, and as a Labour party member, I cannot overstate the need
for leadership from party MPs on this.

Whilst I appreciate that MPs remuneration is handled by IPSA now, it is still down to the members of the house to accept whatever rise is

By all accounts, the results of the poll on pay indicated that the
Tories wanted the biggest increase, despite their being the most
generally affluent. The perception of ALL MPs is increasingly one of a
group of individuals who have no connection with ordinary people, and
care not for their struggles.

As a constituent and party member, I call on you, and your party
colleagues to set the parliamentary standard by refusing ANY pay award
in excess of the constraints currently in place within the public

The major representative trade unions within that sector are major
sources of finance for Labour Party campaigns and activities,  and I am
certain that they would view the prospect of such excessive increases
to MPs pay with the same outrage and derision as I, given that
organised workers are so regularly lectured by those same elected
members who teeter precariously on the edge of such an economically
hypocritical act.

I have copied this letter to Ed Miliband MP, and I await your response
with interest.

With very best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

Karl Davis

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Iain Duncan-Smith: Silence Isn't Quiet Enough For 'The Quiet Man.

Iain Duncan-Smith famously announced that "the quiet man of politics is turning up the volume"

Its such a shame then, that since being handed the megaphone of ministerial high office, the only sound we have heard fron thus self-styled "champion of welfare reform" is the white noise of governmental lies.

For the second time in just a few days, the lies and ideological axe-grinding of the Work & Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith (IDS) and his staff have been laid bare by the most basic level of scrutiny.    

Channel 4's Fact Check Blog, written by Cathy Newman, first identified Duncan-Smith's spinning of benefit statistics by exposing as false, his claim that tax credit payments had increased by 58% during the last Labour government, when the ACTUAL rise for the period concerned was 8%.    

Jump forward a day or two , and Duncan-Smith was at it again, this time claiming that working age benefits have risen faster than wages in a clear attempt to drive a wedge between those in work and those in need.    

Yet Cathy Newman's blog once again exposed the folly of IDS and his flunkies within the DWP by pointing out that the figures quoted do not cover a long enough time frame to provide a fair analysis, and do not take into account the effect of the recession on the private sector, or the consequential effect of recession in the private sector in terms of more people having to claim the very "working age benefits" so clearly despised by the Tories.    

What makes the comments of the Work & Pensions Secretary even more unpalatable, aside from them being anathema to the values of fairness and justice, is the sheer hypocrisy.

In opposition, Duncan-Smith was one of the most vociferous critics of the New Labour obsession with spin and press manipulation through statistics, yet when holding high office, he and his staff seem to be amongst the worst offenders when it comes to purposely misleading the electorate to suit an ideologically dogmatic end.

People may dismiss the above as uninteresting political manoeuvring, but Duncan-Smith needs to stop bastardising the working class, take command of the state sponsored shambles that has infected every  echelon of his department, stop chasing gutter press headlines and start administering a benefits system that helps the working poor, and the jobless live a better life by providing them with guidance and opportunity for self-improvement, rather than punishing them for struggling against unfortunate circumstance.

IDS may well have turned up the volume.

If I'd have known that he would be topping up his already considerable wealth with a six-figure public salary earned by spouting quite so many spiteful, inaccurate and divisive announcements, I feel certain that I would not be the only one scrambling for the mute button.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

ASLEF Tube Driver Strike: Look beyond the picket line to see the real story..

On Boxing Day, ASLEF members employed by London Underground Limited (LUL) staged a 24hr strike, and the press have been predictable in attempting to whip up hysteria and outrage against both the Tube Drivers exercising their legal and human right, as well as the union itself. 

Whilst this dispute centres around a long standing disagreement regarding pay for Bank Holidays, I find the arguments thrown around by histrionic journalists, and right wing agitators to be as infinitely interesting, as they are hypocritical.  

The people trying hardest to contaminate the truth about the tube strike are slavish and blind devotees to the power of the markets, who habitually champion the cause of letting the value of component parts determine the final destination, unless that final destination is a well paid workforce.

These people believe it is fine for millionaire bankers and tax dodging CEOs grow ever richer, ignoring the disgusting pay disparities between the shop floor and the board room, yet, when a group of 'ordinary' workers benefit from these mysterious market forces , the very same 'free marketeers' suddenly become extremely hot under the collar!

Right wing papers, and Conservative mouth pieces have been quick to underline the salaries of Tube Drivers. Nobody can deny that the Pay & Conditions are streets ahead of what many workers, experience.  

But that pay reflects an arduous working cycle, decimated family life, and complex legal & operational responsibilities which carry harsh judicial penalties for the briefest mistake or misfortune. (Ask Mersey Rail Guard Christopher McGee)

The Tory Mayor of London needs to check the history books before decrying ASLEF members. It was a Conservative administration that privatised the railways against the will of the people.  

One of the basic tenets of privatising ANYTHING is that you instantly attach a monetary value to each component part, and railways are no different.

Because it takes so long to train a Train Driver, our expertise and Labour attract a premium that reflects our pivotal operational position, and the capital investment needed to fund our training.

Whilst Tube Drivers operate slightly differently to us mainline Drivers, we share many skill sets. Tube Drivers shoulder similar responsibilities, work the same demanding shift cycles, and attract a similar financial premium due to their geographic location, and the constant need of LUL to pay a wage preventing their Tube Drivers from retraining with a mainline operator for higher wages. 

This is the free market. The same blood lusting right wingers have no problem with bankers pay, but find it distasteful that a 'lowly' Tube Driver earns a viable living wage. When all is said and done, Boris and his chums at the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard need to get real.  

Instead of wasting energy trying to turn lower paid workers against the Tube Drivers by railing against their pay packets, Boris & co need to concede that it was their failed ideology of Thatcherite free market dogma that handed ASLEF & RMT the industrial power they now use so effectively. 

Would a cleaner earning minimum wage find it distasteful to learn of how much a Tube Driver earns? Undoubtedly.

Does that make it wrong for Tube Drivers to use the same free market system that's made many a Tory MP rich, to improve their lot and force LUL to negotiate with them respectfully and seriously? Not at all.  

Observers need to exercise caution; Boris, Cameron, and their 'hack' friends will continue to try and position themselves as being on the side of 'ordinary people' in the fight against 'vested interests'.

Despite their best efforts to convince the public otherwise, this is not the real story.  

The real story is desire to have their cake and eat it, as well as their complicity in haokin mercilessly at the working rights of dedicated working people who have not been fortunate enough to be members of a strong union, or to have inadvertently benefitted from what was the most glaring, disingenuous, dogmatic and economicalIy illiterate policy that the Tories have forced upon us in generations.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Westminster Elite are taking the North-South Price Gap to extremes..

£66,000. That is the shameful amount allocated by central government to Hull City Council for the purpose of helping the city's growing legion of homeless for the next year.

Of course, the government will wring their hands, and purse their
lips, but in reality, they will only ever pay lip service to the underclass who are so despised by those occupying the seats of power.

Many of you will be shrugging at this, but  allow me to put this funding allocation into perspective.

* City of York were allocated almost TEN TIMES the amount that Hull received.

* The major hostel in Hull that co-ordinates services for the homeless, William Booth House, estimates that it would exhaust the grant for the ENTIRE YEAR in only SIX WEEKS!

* The grocery allowance paid to an MP is currently £160 PER WEEK!

(My wife and l have a toddler, a perpetually hungry dog, and a 2nd child marinating nicely, and l am struggling to understand quite how someone reasonably spends £160 on a weekly shop, nevermind the justification for such state-sponsored excess!)

The amount of money that this government thinks is adequate to manage the complex, and long term issues affecting Hulls' homeless for the entirity of 2013 would not even pay for the grocery bills of our millionaire Parliamentarians for ONE WEEK!

(I know that there are price differentials between Westminster and West Hull, but surely even the most privilege-soaked, public school 'Reuben' wouldn't think that the north is that cheap??)

Not only is this a sad endightment of the current political system, whereby those not within the gaze at Drewery Lane Threadneedle Street and Pimlico simply do not matter, it is also indicative of the Yawning chasm that continues to exist between those who legislate over our lives from as positions of profound and embedded influence, as well as pointing to a tendency for those in government to forgot about those of us living and struggling on the north banks of the Humber.

With specific regard to the issue at hand, this government, along with it's predecessors, need to get real about both the scale of the homeless issue within society, and about the effect that THEIR policies are having.

The regions are suffering. People are losing jobs, homes, and families as a result of this zealous, toxic austerity.

Hull is one of the worst victims of Tory ineptitude.

The number of people sleeping rough on the street wiIl only multiply as yet more government cuts start to bite.

What the government are doing is slapping Hull in the face twice.

Firstly by condemning not only us, but also our youth to a future stripped of hope and fair wages, dooming many businesses and causing honest, decent people into homelessness, and secondly by tying the hands of those tasked with clearing up the mess that such senseless economic apartheid causes.

Thatcher began the process of taking from us our industry.

Cameron is now finishing the job by stripping from our children their aspiration, and from the homeless, desperate and vulnerable, any flicker of light that may at one time , have given even brief illumination in the depths of a very dark and very long tunnel.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

David Cameron: Has he embraced hypocrisy, or FINALLY Seen the error of his flagship policy?

So, last night, David Cameron gave the Tory's very own bloodhound gang, (the crusty and archaic 1922 Committee to us mere mortals) the Christmas present they have been praying for for years, when he promised, amongst other things, to fight the 2015 General Election on a 'Eurosceptic Platform'

By all accounts, Cameron's latest episode of opportunism has been hungrily accepted by the committee's patrons, and I'm sure that the Daily Mail reading minions of leafy true blue counties,not to mention Lord Ashcroft et al, will do box steps of sheer delight at Cameron finally admitting what we already know;

① David Cameron is an ideological chameleon - He wilI adopt whatever colour or appearance necessary to facilitate survival (NB: Do not confuse this with a loyalty to the party cause)

② Despite his best efforts, Cameron cannot escape the simple fact that his party can no more survive on a diet of progressive engagement with the EU, our largest trading partners and the largest trading bloc on the planet, than the left of the Labour party could on a diet ot devotion to the teachings of Thatcher.

Apart from witnessing Cameron shoving his increasingly desperate and angry party further to the right, we also learned that Cameron is to appoint paid campaigners in the 40 marginal seats that the Tories must win if they are to achieve a parliamentary majority.

For the record, most of those seats are currently held by Liberal Democrat MPs!

(Long live the spirit of the coalition, eh?)

What particularly resonates with me on this specific issue is the irony of the Tory policy here.

Cameron assumed office on the back of his  much maligned, and frankly ridiculous 'Big Society' campaign, funded for the most part by multi-millionaire Lord Ashcroft incidentally, where many vital roles in Social & Community Care were forced upon the voluntary sector, as funding for the public sector was foolishly hacked to the bone.

Yet now, we see the party opting to PAY those tasked with taking the Tory message into the very communities at which they swing their ideological axe!

(Another campaign no doubt funded by Lord Ashcroft)

Surely, if is good enough for the homeless to be cared for, the elderly fed and the streets policed by those giving their time for free, it is good enough for those hand delivering the propaganda of a feckless government to do so voluntarily?

Is Cameron and his government of privilege sending the message to us plebs that volunteers are not enough to guarantee success?

Is it now Conservative policy that only those motivated by a wage can get results?

Or is it the more likely case, that the Big Society is still the Tories favourite policy pantomime?

At the expense of appearing to prejudge Tory perspective on this, l personally plump firmIy for the latter, along with an expectation that whichever policy is foisted upon us, it won't apply to the likes of Lord Ashcroft, or his fellow Tory bankrollers....

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Write to YOUR local Councillors, MPs & MEPs; Firms who blacklist workers should NOT receive Public Contracts!

Recently, evidence came to light that the biggest construction companies were blacklisting union activists to stop them working in the industry by financially subsidising the shady 'Consulting Association' which maintained illegal records of union officials, activists, and others, and which was run by Ian Kerr.

Rather than stamp on these practices, like any fair minded leader should, David Cameron has instead refused to launch an inquiry into the practices of Kerr and the Consulting Association, the activities of which have ruined careers, lives, families, and driven victims to suicide.

I can only speculate as to which of Davis Cameron's personal beliefs about working people has motivated him to turn a blind eye to the repeated and severe breaching of the human rights of working people..either way, those who represent us, at both local and parliamentary level need to be made aware that their electors demand action

It surely cannot be right that these companies (listed below) should be allowed to benefit commercially from undertaking public work, whilst they deny the rights of working people?

Here is the letter I have sent to my ward councillors on Hull Ciy Council with regard to union blacklisting. I did it via http:www.Write

It took only a few minutes. Please copy and paste the letter, update the details to reflect your locality, and CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK to send it to your Councillors, MPs and MEPs too!


•Cllr Sheila Waudby

•Cllr Rosemary Pantelakis

•Cllr Sean Chaytor

Marfleet Ward

FAO; Cllrs Rosemary Pantelakis, Sheila Waudby, and Sean Chaytor.

I am contacting you regarding the issue of union blacklisting that has been going on within the construction industry.

The recent report by the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) has recently identified the existence of a 'blacklist' of workers which was routinely accessed by at least 44 construction companies, in a bid to prevent union activists, and those concerned about Health & Safety at Work from finding paid employment.

This has resulted in many honest, hard working union members being denied the ability to provide for their children and families, and has caused them in some cases to lose homes, relationships, careers, and in some extreme instances, be driven to suicide.

The OIC press release included a list of over 40 construction companies who were current or previous users of TCA. These sre listed below;

- AMEC (Amec Building Ltd,

- Amec Construction Ltd,

- Amec Facilities Ltd, Amec Ind Div, Amec Process & Energy - Ltd),

- Amey Construction – Ex Member,

- B Sunley & Sons – Ex Member,

- Balfour Beatty,

- Balfour Kilpatrick,

- Ballast (Wiltshire) PLC – Ex Member,

- BAM Construction (HBC Construction), BAM Nuttall (Edmund Nutall Ltd),

- C B & I,,/p>

- Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd,

- Costain UK Ltd

- Crown House Technologies (Carillion/Tarmac Const),

- Dudley Bower & Co Ltd – Ex Member,

- Emcor (Drake & Scull) - ‘Ex Ref’, Emcor Rail,

- G Wimpey Ltd – Ex Member,

- Haden Young,

- Kier Ltd,

- John Mowlem Ltd - Ex Member,

- Laing O'Rourke (Laing Ltd),

- Lovell Construction (UK) Ltd – Ex Member,

- Miller Construction Limited – Ex Member,

- Morgan Ashurst, Morgan Est

- Morrison Construction Group - Ex Member,

- N G Bailey,

- Shepherd Engineering Services,

- Siac Building Services,

- Sir Robert McAlpine,

- Skanska (Kaverna/Trafalgar House Plc),

- SPIE (Matthew Hall) - Ex Member,

- Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd – Ex Member,

- Turriff Construction Ltd – Ex Member,

- Tysons Contractors – Ex Member,

- Walter Llewellyn & Sons Ltd - Ex Member,

- Whessoe Oil & Gas Willmott Dixon – Ex Member,

- Vinci PLC (Norwest Holst Group)

I believe that the callous, and illegal disregard shown by these companies for the human and working rights of ordinary people (the kind of which make up the vast majority of the electorate who voted you into office) render these companies, and their subsidiaries unworthy of benefiting from council contracts.

The coalition government have dismissed out of hand, any suggestion that this shameful proactice should be subject to official inquiry. A perspective of worker's rights, which is depressingly predictable, I'm sure you'll agree.

As a Labour party member, I cherish dearly, the right to protect myself from unsafe work practices, and to enjoy freely, the protection of a democratic trade union.

As Labour councillors, I assume that you share my firm beliefs around the importance of protecting the rights of working people, and the ability of all to access safe, fairly paid employment, regardless of their allegiance to any union, or political ideology.

I therefore ask that you make representations within the council chamber with a view to the elected members of Hull City Council resolving to bar these companies from tendering for any and all contracts put out by Hull City Council.

I am not a construction worker myself, but I recognise in this issue, the human cost of such brazenly 'anti-union' activities, and I would respectfully assert, that the commercial organisations a council or other public body does business with, says alot about the morals and the views of those elected members who represent us within it.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving your reply with regard to this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Karl Davis